The Cabin – October 2020

Cases have been rising here in Ontario over the past few weeks and we were advised to not get together with family or friends for Thanksgiving. As with most holidays this year, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving a little differently. Instead of doing our usual family gatherings, we headed up to the cabin for a couple of days. What better way to social distance than by being alone in the middle of the forest?

The Cabin – July 2020

With another heat warning on the forecast for the weekend, we decided to drive up north to the cabin and spend some time around the water. We somehow managed to convince my younger sister and her husband to come up with us even though the cabin has no running water and electricity.

The Cabin – May 2020

I usually celebrate my birthday by going away on vacation. Obviously we couldn't do that this year due to the pandemic (who would have thought?). Instead we went back to the cabin. The timing worked out well as the forecast was calling for fabulous weather. We also figured we might as well spend as much time here as we can before the bugs take over for the spring.

The Cabin – April 2020

We usually try to incorporate holidays into our travel plans, so for the Easter long weekend we went to the one place we could still travel to: the cabin. Even though we’re encouraged to stay home, it’s hard to avoid other people when living in a big city like Toronto. Instead, we drove up north to spend a quiet weekend at the cabin away from everybody and everything.

The Cabin – March 2020

Travel options have been limited recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (and rightfully so). Since we've been spending a lot of time in our apartment as of late, we decided to head up to the cabin for the weekend for a change of scenery. Located in the middle of the woods near Bon Echo Provincial Park, the cabin has been in K's family for over a century. It is quite rustic and has no electricity or running water. It is the perfect place to escape from the city and reconnect with nature. And to self-isolate.