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IMG_E614952 Hike Challenge

Goal for 2020

In an effort to spend more time outdoors (and let’s be real, to exercise more), one of my goals for 2020 is to complete the 52 Hike Challenge. As the name suggests, the goal of the challenge is to hike 52 times throughout the year. There are a few rules and guidelines: the hike has to be at least 1 mile (or 1.6km) long, you can only count one hike per day, you can repeat the same hikes.

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IMG_5379Hawaii | Maui

November & December 2019 – 10 days 

Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is often referred to as the Valley Isle. This refers to the flat bridge of land between the two volcanoes that make up the island: Haleakala to the east and the West Maui mountains to the west. With miles of sandy beaches, lush green jungles, and rugged volcanic landscapes, Maui offers a wide range of activities on land and in the water.

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IMG_E5340Hawaii | Haleakalā National Park

November 2019 – 2 days 

Haleakalā National Park was named after Haleakalā, a dormant shield volcano that forms more than three quarters of Maui. The park consists of two distinct areas: the summit district high up in the mountains (or rather, volcano), and the Kīpahulu district located along the coast. The landscape (and temperature) difference between the two areas is also very extreme, making for a unique hiking experience in both areas of the park.

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IMG_E4127Ontario | Algonquin Provincial Park

August 2019 – 2 days 

We somehow managed to convince my younger sister and her boyfriend how much fun it is to canoe to your campsite and rough it in the wild. Given that C & E aren’t avid campers (or canoers), we planned a route that wasn’t particularly ambitious. We were secretly hoping they’d have such a great time that they’d want to come backcountry camping with us again in Algonquin.

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IMG_3678Ontario | Algonquin Provincial Park

August 2019 – 3 days

Algonquin has become an annual tradition for us. For some reason we are quick to forget the (literal and figurative) blood, sweat and tears from our past trips, and are eager for more. More paddling and more portages. This year was no exception. The forecast was calling for nice weather over the August long weekend, which was great because we planned quite an ambitious route to Misty Lake.

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