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IMG_E6149Ontario Parks Challenge

Goal for 2021

A New Year is always a good time for reflection and to set goals, or resolutions for yourself. Last year we signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge and managed to go for a hike at least 52 times throughout the year. Turns out it was the perfect challenge to get us through a strange year. And it was nice to have something to work towards. So this year we decided to set a new challenge for ourselves. One that assumes that travel restrictions will remain in place. Our goal for 2021 is to visit as many of Ontario’s provincial parks as we can.

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Ontario | Manitoulin Island

June 2021 – 2 days 

Manitoulin Island is located within Lake Huron and is the largest freshwater island in the world. It also contains more than 100 inland lakes, some of which have their own islands within an island. It has the largest lake in a freshwater island and the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake in the world. Essentially Manitoulin Island is a big nesting doll of islands. It is also incredibly scenic and features many outdoor activities and attractions in and around the water.

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Ontario | The Blue Mountains

May 2021 – 3 days 

The Blue Mountains are located along the southern shore of Georgian Bay and feature a variety of recreational activities for every season. During the winter it is a top destination in southwestern Ontario for snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. During the spring, summer and fall there are plenty of activities in and around the rugged shores of Georgian Bay, including hiking, swimming, fishing and boating.

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Ontario | The Cabin

May 2021 – 2 days 

Spring is in full force here in Ontario. It’s usually a fine line between when new growth starts to appear and the mosquitoes come out to play. We decided to risk it anyway and visit the cabin in mid-May as this very well might be our last visit for the next couple of months.

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Ontario | The Cabin

April 2021 – 3 days 

As of April 3, 2021, Ontario went back into a province-wide shutdown. This doesn’t impact us too much since Toronto has been in some combination of lockdown or shutdown for the past five to six months. Provincial parks are still open for day-use, overnight camping, including backcountry camping however is closed. We had a few camping trips planned for April, largely because reserving a campsite during the summer has become next to impossible and we didn’t want to get eaten alive by the mosquitoes and black flies later in the spring. So for the Easter long weekend we decided to head up to the cabin to get away from everything and figure out our game plan for the next few weeks (which let’s be real, is likely going to involve visiting the cabin again).

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IMG_E6149Ontario | MacGregor Point Provincial Park

January 2021 – 2 days 

MacGregor Point is located along the sandy shores of Lake Huron and is open all-year round. It offers a variety of activities depending on the season. In the winter the park is transformed into a winter wonderland and features cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating and snowmobiling. A section of the campground is even open and offers camping in 12 yurts and just under 100 electrical sites for visitors who wish to spend the night in the park. We were among those visitors who planned to spend a night in the park. In the winter. 

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IMG_E6149Ontario | The Cabin

January 2021 – 4 days 

Ontario has been under a strict province-wide lockdown since December 26, 2020. So to safely ring in the New Year we decided to head up to the cabin for the long weekend. There is no running water or electricity there and the road leading into the cabin is not maintained, so we usually have to walk in with all our supplies, including water, during the winter months. But we were up for the challenge.

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