New Hampshire

img_5804Cross-Country Skiing in Jackson

Visited: January 2017 – 2 days

New Hampshire is home to a network of over 150 mountains where the majority of which have an elevation greater than 3,000 ft. The White Mountains range alone covers around a quarter of New Hampshire where many of these high peak mountains are located. And while there are plenty of opportunities for downhill skiing in this area there are some of the best cross-country skiing trails in all of New England.

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IMG_9084Franconia Notch

Visited: October 2017 – 2 days

The White Mountains is one of the best places in New England to enjoy the great outdoors. Especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colour. This mountain range encompasses about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a portion of western Maine. Every fall thousands of tourists flock here to experience some of the best fall foliage New England has to offer.

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