IMG_2768Banff National Park

Visited – July 2019 – 4 days

Banff National Park is the birthplace of national parks in Canada. It is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and features mountainous terrain, alpine landscapes, glaciers, ice fields, turquoise glacial lakes and an abundance of wildlife. Basically all the great things you’d want while camping and hiking.

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Visited – July 2019 – 1 day 

I flew down to Calgary with my good friend A and spent the last four days in Banff National Park. We initially booked a campsite at the Two Jack Main Campground, but the forecast was calling for rain overnight and we didn’t want to pack up a wet tent in the morning. Plus it was cold. Instead, we headed back to Calgary to spend our final day of our trip out west.

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Visited – August 2016 – 1 day

We spent our one day in Canmore going on an Adventure Cave Tour with Canmore Cave Tours. The tour is 6 hours in duration and  includes an 18m rappel, shimmying and slithering through tight spaces, and scrambling up, down, and around large boulders.

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IMG_0178Waterton Lakes National Park

Visited – August 2016 – 2 days 

Situated in southwestern Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park is where the prairies meet the mountains. It is nestled right on the border just north of Montana’s Glacier National Park. Together, these two parks formed the first ever International Peace Park  to better preserve and protect the shared ecosystem.

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