National Parks

There are six national parks in Ontario. To date we’ve visited five of them.

IMG_9139Bruce Peninsula National Park

Visited: May 2016 – 3 days and September 2018 – 2 days

The Bruce Peninsula National Park is nestled along the northern part of a peninsula bordered between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. A large section of the Bruce Trail cuts through here and offers phenomenal views of jagged cliffs, rugged rock formations, and overlooks the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay.

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IMG_E7731Point Pelee National Park

Visited: March 2019 – 2 days

Point Pelee is the southernmost point of the mainland in Canada. Despite being the second smallest national park, it boasts of being the most ecologically diverse park in the country. It consists of beaches, marshes, and woodlands, is home to over 390 species of birds and is part of a bird and butterfly migration corridor over Lake Erie.

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Pukaskwa - White River Suspension BridgePukaskwa National Park

Visited: August 2020 – 1 day and September 2021 – 1 day

Located along the rocky shore of Lake Superior, Pukaskwa is one of five National Parks in Ontario and protects part of the longest undeveloped shoreline anywhere on the Great Lakes. It was established in 1978 and is known for its rugged coastline, which naturally makes for some great hiking.

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IMG_6226Rouge National Urban Park

Visited: Many times throughout 2020 

Located in Scarborough, Ontario Rouge National Urban Park is the largest urban park in North America. The park features a number of trails through wetlands, forests, meadows, and along the coast of Lake Ontario. And it’s only about a 25 minute drive from where we live.

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Thousand Islands National Park

Visited: November 2020 

Located near the Saint Lawrence River, Thousand Islands is one of Canada’s smallest national parks. The park consists of three sections along the mainland: Mallorytown Landing, Jones Creek and Landon Bay, and 21 islands. While most of the park is only accessible by boat, there are a few hiking trails that can be accessed on the mainland.

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