img_2766Ontario | Bruce Trail

Length: 885km
Distance Hiked: 295.7km

The Bruce Trail is an 885km trail that follows the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to Tobermory. The trail in divided into nine sections with each section managed by its own club. The trail itself is very well maintained and clearly marked by white blazes painted on trees or signposts. There are an additional 400km of side trails that are marked by blue blazes.

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Canada | Newfoundland

Visited: July 2018 – 10 days

Even though Newfoundland is a part of Canada, with its charming and friendly culture and a more relaxed pace of life, you can’t help but feel like you are in an entirely different country. They even have their own time zone (an hour and a half ahead of Eastern Standard Time). Sure, the weather is predictably unpredictable and there are wind warnings on the regular, but the scenery out on The Rock is hauntingly breathtaking.

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IMG_9400Virginia | Shenandoah National Park

Visited: October 2017 – 4 days

Favourite Hikes: Old Rag, Bearfence Mountain,  White Oak Canyon, Dark Hollow Falls, Stony Man

The Shenandoah Valley stretches across 200 miles between the Blue Ridge Mountains in the east and the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians in the west. The Shenandoah National Park encompasses around half of that stretch from Front Royal in the north to Rockfish Gap in the south. The Skyline Drive, the main road that winds and twists through the park, offers sweeping views of rolling hills from the neighbouring mountain ranges in either direction.

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IMG_9079New Hampshire | White Mountains

Visited: October 2017 – 2 days

Favourite Hikes: Mount Pemigewasset, Lonesome Lake

The White Mountains is one of the best places in New England to enjoy the great outdoors. Especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colour. This mountain range encompasses about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a portion of western Maine. Every fall thousands of tourists flock here to experience some of the best fall foliage New England has to offer.

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IMG_8630Maine | Acadia National Park

Visited: September 2017 – 3 days
and May 2018 – 3 days

Favourite Hikes: Precipice Trail, Penobscot Mountain, Beehive Trail,  South Bubble Rock, Jordan’s Pond Loop

Located on Mount Desert Island along the Atlantic coast in Maine, Acadia National Park is the first and only national park east of the Mississippi River. It encompasses all of the beauty, charm, and ruggedness of New England’s wilderness. Many of the trails weave their way up, down, and around mountains, through lush forests and along a granite coastline that has been (and continues to be) ravaged by the never-ending lapping of waves by the ocean.

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IMG_0582Montana | Glacier National Park

Visited: August 2016 – 4 days

Favourite Hikes: Grinnell Glacier, the High Line, Hidden Lake Overlook, Avalanche Lake, St. Mary’s Falls

Glacier National Park is located in northwestern Montana along the US-Canada border just south of Waterton Lakes National Park. Together these two parks formed the first ever International Peace Park to better preserve and protect the shared ecosystem along the Continental Divide. Spanning across a million acres, Glacier National Park is home to 25 active glaciers (although scientists estimate they will all disappear by 2030), 71 species of mammals (including the grizzly bear!), and 151 trails (totaling 1,200km). The Going-to-the-Sun Road, the park’s only road that cuts through the park, offers exhilarating views as you’re winding around, through, and over the mountainous terrain.

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IMG_6029Wyoming | Yellowstone National Park

Visited: September 2015 – 8 days

Favourite Hikes: Mount Washburn, Brink of the Lower Falls, Uncle Tom’s Trail, Bunsen Peak

The first national park was established here in Yellowstone. Situated along much of northwestern Wyoming and parts of neighbouring Montana and Idaho, even over a hundred years ago there was a collective need to protect and preserve the abundant wildlife and many geothermal features surrounding the area. Today Yellowstone boasts of being one of the largest ecosystems in the Lower 48 to support a wide variety of animals – including many endangered species like the grizzly bear, gray wolf and American bison. Resting atop an active supervolcano, it is also home to half of the world’s geothermal features.

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