Kluane National Park and Reserve

Kluane National Park and Reserve is located within the Saint Elias Mountains in southwestern Yukon. It is home to the largest non-polar icefields in the world, contains some of the tallest mountains in Canada and features an abundance of wildlife. It offers a variety of hiking trails, a few different options for camping and other opportunities to explore the park’s rugged interior.

Alaska Highway – Dawson Creek to Haines Junction

The Alaska Highway was constructed in 1942 to connect the contiguous United States with Alaska to provide defence support during World War II. It was initially 2,700km in length, but has been improved and paved over the years and currently stretches 2,232km. The highway starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. It is considered one of the most scenic drives in North America and provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the wilderness and wildlife.


Rochester is located in upstate New York near the southern shores of Lake Ontario. It’s known as both the Flour City (as it was once the largest flour-producing city in the United States) and Flower City (due to its abundance of nurseries and growing seed industry). It has an interesting history in manufacturing and photography and became the first boomtown in the United States when its population doubled in size in the 1830s.


Cleveland is located on the southern shores of Lake Erie. It’s the second largest city in Ohio and is considered one of the major cities in the Great Lakes region. After the completion of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1832, Cleveland became known as an industrial and commercial center, helping transport goods and people across more regions. While the canal was later abandoned, today it is known for its museums of art, music, history and culture.

Hiking in Pancake Bay Provincial Park

We had such a wonderful time in Pancake Bay Provincial Park earlier in the summer during our first Northern Ontario road trip that we decided to return. It’s located on the northern shores of Lake Superior and is known for its beautiful sandy beach. It’s also conveniently located right off the Trans-Canada Highway just north of Sault Ste. Marie.

Hike #37: A.Y. Jackson Lookout Trail

A.Y. Jackson was a famous Canadian painter and a founding member of the Group of Seven. He often drew inspiration from many of the landscapes in Northern Ontario, including Onaping River in Sudbury, which is depicted in his “Spring on the Onaping River” painting in 1953. There is now an overlook of and trail around Onaping High Falls that is named after Jackson.

Halfway Lake Provincial Park

Halfway Lake Provincial Park is located near Sudbury. In the early 1900s, there was a logging camp on the shores of Halfway Lake, which was half way between the main logging area and the railway line where the logs were loaded for their trip to the sawmill. The park contains more than a dozen lakes, offers four hiking trails that weave through the different habitats in the park, and has a mix between front country camping (215 sites) and backcountry camping (10 interior sites that are accessible by canoe and 5 interior sites that are accessible by foot).