Bruce Trail – Beaver Valley


Length: 113.8km
Distance hiked: 9.4km
Number of hikes: 1

The Beaver Valley section spans from Craigleith to Blantyre. The trail passes through a diverse landscape including along the top of the escarpment above Nottawasaga Bay and the Beaver Valley, as well as through fields, forests and meadows.

All maps and kilometer references are based on the 27th edition of the Bruce Trail Maps and Trail Guide. 

Hike #1 – August 2019
Map #24: 0.0 – 9.4km (distance hiked = 9.4km one-way – maybe about 13km roundtrip)

This marked our first hike along the Bruce Trail for the year. To make up for lost time, we decided to bite off an ambitious chunk at the start of the Beaver Valley section. It felt good being back on my favourite trail in Ontario.

We parked our car on the corner of 4th Line and 21st Sideroad at the 2.3km mark and first hiked east to the very beginning of the Beaver Valley section, which is also the end of the Blue Mountains section. The path was relatively flat and winded through an open meadow. It was quite lovely. On the return hike back, we stopped at the car to refill our water before hiking through the Len Gertler Memorial Loree Forest. The start of this section was probably the most strenuous and involved hiking down into a valley, then immediately back up, only to go back down again, and then up. But once the ups and downs are out of the way, the path is relatively flat for the remainder of the hike. There is even a nice lookout point that provides great views of Nottawasaga Bay. Once we reached the 9.4km mark, we took the Loree Side Trail to 21st Sideroad and then walked back to the car.



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