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With hundreds of interconnecting lakes, ponds, and river systems Algonquin Provincial Park is probably one of the best places in the world to canoe and camp in the backcountry.  It is both the oldest and one of the largest provincial parks in Ontario. And one of the best places (that is relatively close to Toronto) to be completely immersed in the thick of the wilderness.

There are 29 access points scattered around the perimeter and along Highway 60 that cuts through the southern part of the park. At many of these access points Algonquin offers a number of camping options on a spectrum ranging from cabin rentals and car camping (where you can just drive up to your accommodations) to backcountry camping in the interior. But in our opinion the best camping experience is in the interior away from the crowds and deeper into the wilderness.

We embarked on our first excursion to the interior of Algonquin back in the summer of 2016. And while we are camping enthusiasts, this was our first time venturing out into the backcountry overnight. Our food, gear, and route had to be meticulously planned beforehand. We might have overestimated our abilities (and brought too much wine and beer) but gorgeous weather coupled with an unparalleled view of the pristine backcountry made for such a memorable camping adventure. So much so that it has since become an annual summer tradition.

Our canoeing and camping trips in Algonquin: