Victoria is located at the southern tip of Vancouver Island and boasts of having the most moderate weather in Canada. The scenery is also stunning with views of the ocean, snow-capped mountains and tall towering trees. With so much nature surrounding Victoria, there's so much to see and do outdoors.

Port Alberni

Port Alberni is situated within the Alberni Valley at the head of the Alberni Inlet, the longest inlet on Vancouver Island. It is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including mossy rainforests and giant towering trees.


Tofino is situated on a peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is known for its ancient rainforests, endless sandy beaches, and rugged coastline. It’s a popular spot for hiking, surfing and just enjoying nature.

Horne Lake Caves

Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of caves in North America and is commonly referred to as the Island of Caves for those that are into caving. One of the most popular and accessible caves in Vancouver Island is at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park.


Nanaimo is situated on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The name may sound familiar as it shares the same name as the famous Canadian dessert: the Nanaimo bar. The city features spectacular views of the ocean and has several trails, including a Nanaimo Bar Trail in town.