Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park is located along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, which is known for its abundance of rocky outcrops, lakes and wetlands. It has around 175 campsites and includes two hiking trails, two sandy beaches for swimming and a boat launch for canoeing, fishing or boating.

Silver Lake Provincial Park

Silver Lake Provincial Park is located in Eastern Ontario in Frontenac County. It's a relatively small park and its main draw is its wide sandy beach which is reputed to be one of the best beaches in the region. It also offers boating, fishing, camping and hiking.

Camping at Charleston Lake

Charleston Lake is located in Eastern Ontario. It has been carved out of the Frontenac Axis, which is a narrow extension of the Canadian Shield. The park is situated along a large portion of the lake and offers a variety of activities in and around the water, including boating, paddling, fishing, fishing, swimming, hiking and camping.

Rideau River Provincial Park

Rideau River Provincial Park is located just south of Ottawa on the historic Rideau Waterway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As such, it is a popular spot for its water-based recreational activities, including boating, canoeing and fishing. It also offers a single hiking trail along the shoreline that provides great opportunities to view the river and explore the park.

Burnt Lands Provincial Park

Located near Ottawa, Burnt Lands Provincial Park contains an alvar ecosystem which supports a diversity of plant and animal species, many of which are provincially or regionally rare. The area is thought to have received its name from one of the forest fires that swept through this area during early European settlement. Burnt Lands is a non-operating park and offers no facilities. However, it is a popular destination for locals to come birdwatching or take a leisurely stroll.

Fitzroy Provincial Park

Fitzroy Provincial Park is located just east of Ottawa along the shore of the Ottawa River. It protects a locally significant southern mixed forest region featuring white pine that initially drew people into the Ottawa Valley for logging. The park offers ample opportunities for water recreational activities, including canoeing, boating and swimming. Fitzroy also has over 200 campsites and features two short hiking trails.

Alexander Stewart Provincial Nature Reserve

Alexander Stewart Provincial Nature Reserve protects an early successional hardwood forest of maple, American beech, basswood and some less common species such as blue beech and bur oak. It is also located on a plain of clay silt deposits which were left behind when the Champlain Sea retreated from the region. Alexander Stewart is a non-operating park. It features a single hike trail and offers no other facilities or activities.

Bonnechere Provincial Park

of the best sandy beaches in Eastern Ontario. In the early 1800s, the area around Bonnechere was once used for logging and in the spring, the Little Bonnechere River was often jammed with red and white pine logs. Today it offers 128 campsites and 4 rustic cabins and provides a variety of recreational activities including biking, birding, boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking and swimming.

Driftwood Provincial Park

80 campsites, most of which are on the waterfront, and provides a number of water-based recreational activities including swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing. It also offers a few hiking trails that provide sweeping views of the Ottawa River, Upper Ottawa Valley and Laurentian Hills.

Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

governing settlements in Canada, founding the city of Quebec, mapping the Atlantic coast of Canada, parts of the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes. Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park is located on the Mattawa River and provides many recreational activities including camping, canoeing, swimming and hiking.