Hike #50: Proctor Park Conservation Area

Proctor Park Conservation Area was named after the Proctor family who resided in the area. In 1853, Isaac Chamberlain Proctor built a house, which was later expanded by his son John, which became known as the “mansion on the hill” or Proctor House. Proctor House was slated for demolition in 1972 but was saved when local citizens formed a campaign to preserve it. The house was then turned into a museum and was opened to the public for tours during July and August. The conservation area also features two hiking trails through cedar lowlands, and up through a hardwood forest.

Hike #45: Vanderwater Conservation Area

Vanderwater Conservation Area is located along the shores of the Moira River just south of Tweed and offers 15km of trails that weave through the forest. It is also a popular destination in the winter for cross-country skiing. This conservation area was named after Colonel Roscoe Vanderwater, who was an enthusiastic conservationist and one of the first farmers in Ontario to start reforestation of their land.

Charleston Lake Provincial Park

Charleston Lake is located in South Eastern Ontario, just north of the St. Lawrence River. The rocky lake and surrounding forest area are an extension of the Canadian Shield, one of the largest and oldest geologic continental shields in the world. The shores as well as the islands of this lake are a mix between private property and the provincial park. Nevertheless, it is one of the best provincial parks in Ontario that is relatively close to Toronto for fishing, swimming, boating and camping.

Wine Tasting in Niagara

Niagara is referred to the honeymoon capital of the world. It is perhaps best known for it's waterfall that shares the same name as its city - Niagara Falls. Although technically Niagara Falls refers to three waterfalls: Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and (the most famous of the three) Horseshoe Falls. Collectively they form one of the largest waterfall networks on the planet.

Cross-Country Skiing in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain is the largest "mountain" in southern Ontario and is situated along the highest part of the Niagara Escarpment. Due to its sheer size and placement along Ontario's snowbelt region, every winter thousands of people flock up to the Blue Mountains to alpine ski. But there are a few options in the area for cross-country skiing.