Windy Lake Provincial Park

There are over 250,000 lakes in Ontario, which collectively contain around 20% of the world’s freshwater supply. With all those lakes, I guess someone ran out of ideas of what to name them all because apparently eight of them are called Windy Lake. But there is only one Windy Lake Provincial Park.

Hike #35: Wendat Trail

We arrived at Awenda the night before and camped here. We started our day off by hiking along the Wendat Trail. Wendat means “island dwellers” or “dwellers of the peninsula” and was named after the Iroquoian-speaking people who lived in this area between 1200 to 1650. Archaeologists believe that at least two historic Wendat villages were located in Awenda Provincial Park.

Awenda Provincial Park

We had such a great time in Northern Ontario in the beginning of July that we decided to come back in August. This time we planned to go not as far and to stay for a bit longer. We planned to visit new places that we didn’t have time for on our first trip as well as return to some of our favourite spots. And this time we were less concerned about the bug situation since we were going later in the season. Our first stop on our second road trip: Awenda Provincial Park.

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park is located among the 30,000 Islands in Georgian Bay. While it is not a large provincial park, there are 81 campsites and 4 cottages available for rent, it features a natural sandy beach and has a boat launch for canoeing and boating. Apparently it is an excellent area for fishing.

Hike #31: Twin Bridges Trail

In the late 1800s to 1930s the area around Chutes Provincial Park was used for logging. In the winter, trees were toppled, cut into sections and dragged from the forest and placed onto the ice-covered river. In the spring, when the ice and snow started to melt and raise the water levels, the pine logs floated down the Aux Sables River to the mouth of the Spanish River. To reduce the risk of logs jamming up the river, special chutes were built around difficult sections.