Hike #52: Chikanishing Trail

With a handful of hikes left, we decided to take some time off of work and head to one of our favourite places in Ontario, Killarney Provincial Park, to complete the challenge. We booked a heated cabin in the park for three days towards the end of November. After spending the morning hiking one of my all-time favourite trails, The Crack, we headed out in the afternoon to hike along another one of my other favourite trails in the park, the Chikanishing Trail (3km, rated moderate).

Hike #50: Proctor Park Conservation Area

Proctor Park Conservation Area was named after the Proctor family who resided in the area. In 1853, Isaac Chamberlain Proctor built a house, which was later expanded by his son John, which became known as the “mansion on the hill” or Proctor House. Proctor House was slated for demolition in 1972 but was saved when local citizens formed a campaign to preserve it. The house was then turned into a museum and was opened to the public for tours during July and August. The conservation area also features two hiking trails through cedar lowlands, and up through a hardwood forest.

Hike #49: Dedication Trail South Loop

Frontenac Provincial Park is situated above an ancient granite ridge linking the Canadian Shield to the Adirondack Mountains and consists of forests, wetlands, marshes, lakes and granite outcrops. It offers canoe routes through 22 lakes and over 100km of looped backpacking and hiking trails. And the best part is that Frontenac is open all-year round.

Hike #48: Balls Falls Conservation Area

During the American Revolution, the Ball family maintained their allegiance to the English Crown. In recognition of their loyalty, Jacob Ball and his family were issued Crown land grants in Niagara. Two of Jacob’s sons, John and George, received 1200 acres of land in Niagara in 1807. The Twenty Mile Creek on their property provided a source of power for the brothers to operate a flour, saw and then later woollen mill. Part of this area, along with the historic buildings have been preserved and are now part of the Balls Falls Conservation Area.

Hike #47: Vista Trail

Located in Scarborough, Rouge National Urban Park is the largest urban park in North America. The park features a number of trails through wetlands, forests, meadows, and along the coast of Lake Ontario. At the start of the pandemic Rouge National Urban Park became our go-to place to hike due to its close proximity to where we live. We haven’t been in a few months, so with pleasant weather on the forecast, we decided to return to enjoy the fall colours.

Hike #45: Vanderwater Conservation Area

Vanderwater Conservation Area is located along the shores of the Moira River just south of Tweed and offers 15km of trails that weave through the forest. It is also a popular destination in the winter for cross-country skiing. This conservation area was named after Colonel Roscoe Vanderwater, who was an enthusiastic conservationist and one of the first farmers in Ontario to start reforestation of their land.

Hike #44: Ferris Provincial Park

Ferris Provincial Park is located next to the Trent River in Campbellford and is reputed to be particularly scenic in the fall when the leaves are changing colour. Ferris offers just over 10km of trails through the forest, open meadows, and along the river, which provide nice vistas of the Trent River Valley.