Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park is located among the 30,000 islands along the rocky shore of Georgian Bay. It’s reputed to be a great spot for swimming as the bay is shallow and protected. Sturgeon Bay also features a boat launch and is apparently an excellent area for fishing.

We’ve been to Sturgeon Bay twice to go swimming:

Activities and Attractions:

While there are no hiking trails at Sturgeon Bay, the park does offer a few activities on the water including swimming in a nice shallow and protected bay, fishing, canoeing and boating.

There are also a few other provincial parks located nearby, including:


Sturgeon Bay offers around 80 campsites, some of which are located along the waterfront. While some sites looked nice, many of them are grouped close together and don’t offer much privacy. While I don’t think we’d ever go camping here, it is definitely worth the detour to go for a swim.