Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is situated along the Niagara Escarpment in southern Ontario, which is a ridge of exposed bedrock that runs westward from New York, through Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. It is one of 15 UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves in Canada for its internationally significant ecosystem. Mono Cliffs is open year-round for day-use and features several trails that weave through the forest and provide great views of the cliff from above and below the Escarpment.

There are a few parking options for Mono Cliffs. The main entrance and parking lot is along the 3rd Line EHS, however there are a couple of secondary parking lots on the western and northern edge of the park.

We’ve been to Mono Cliffs three times:

Hiking Trails

The Bruce Trail cuts through the park and there are four side trails which form a series of connected loops, creating a few options depending on how long you want to spend hiking. 

(1) A section of the Bruce Trail leads through Mono Cliffs and is signed with white markers on the trees. There are many side trails that criss-cross along the main trail, which provide plenty of different options for hiking.

(2) Carriage Trail (1.3km, red trail) is a short connector trail that leads from the park entrance to a series of other trails in the park.

(3) Cliff-Top Side Trail (2.8km, green trail) overlaps with the larger Bruce Trail and connects with the Carriage and Walter Tovell Trails. The trail leads to the top of escarpment and features a viewing platform that provides an excellent view of the valley below

(4) Spillway Trail (1.3km, purple trail), which passes a pond and crosses an open meadow.

(5) Walter Tovell Trail (4.8km, blue trail). The trail is located in the valley and leads through the forest. It connects with a series of other trails in the park.

Other Activities and Attractions

Besides hiking, there are no other activities or facilities at Mono Cliffs, however there are a few other hiking options in the area including:


Since this is a non-operating park, camping is not permitted.