Halfway Lake Provincial Park

Halfway Lake Provincial Park is located just north of Sudbury on the southern edge of the boreal forest. The landscape in the park has been shaped thousands of years ago by the glaciers and today features valleys, eskers, moraines, and many ridges. Halfway Lake offers a variety of recreational activities including camping (both front country and backcountry), hiking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

We’ve been to Halfway Lake twice:

Hiking Trails

Halfway Lake offers four hiking trails that range in length from 2km to 15km. We’ve hiked along three of these trails:

(1) Echo Pond Trail (6km, rated moderate). To get to the trailhead you first have to hike along part of the Moose Ridge Trail. The trail is marked with orange markers and continues to follow Raven Lake and leads up (and then down) part of a steeper ridge system to the west shore of Echo Pond. Near the end of the trail, there’s a viewing platform that provides a nice view overlooking Echo Pond.

A more detailed description of the hike can be found here

(2) Moose Ridge Trail (2km, rated moderate), which connects with the Echo Pond Trail to form a longer loop. A tornado swept through this area along the trail back in 2002. As a result, there was a lot of new growth and smaller trees. The trail is signed with red markers and follows the shoreline of Raven Lake up over to a small glacial ridge.

A more detailed description of the hike can be found here

(3) Osprey Heights Trail (6km, rated moderate). The trailhead is located a few kilometres north of the park office on the east side of Highway 144. The trail is signed with blue markers on the trees, loops through the forest and along rocky outcrops and features a viewing platform overlooking Antrim Lake.

Other Activities and Attractions

Halfway Lake also features:

  • A large sandy beach and buoyed swimming area
  • Two canoe routes
  • A boat launch for boating, canoeing or fishing


We have yet to camp at Halfway Lake, however, it offers a variety of camping experiences. There are five backcountry sites along the Hawk Ridge Trail, two canoe-in sites along Antrim Lake and around 200 sites across two campgrounds for car camping.