Earl Rowe Provincial Park

Earl Rowe Provincial Park is a recreational park located near Toronto in Alliston. It provides plenty of camping opportunities and features two sandy beaches, a reservoir, a large outdoor swimming pool, picnic facilities and several hiking trails.

We’ve been to Earl Rowe twice:

Hiking Trails

There are five short trails scattered throughout the park and one larger trail, the Rainbow Run Trail that encompasses the entire trail system. We’ve hiked them all.

(1) Fletcher’s Mill Pond Trail (1.5km one-way, rated easy). The path is entirely paved and follows the shore of Earl Rowe Lake from East Beach to West beach.

(2) Little Trail (0.5km one-way, rated easy). The path winds through the forest from the main road to West Beach. The dam is located at one entrance of the trail that provides a view of the fish ladder and dam.

(3) Lookout Trail (4km loop, rated moderate). The trail leads through a pine forest, up a hill and out onto an open field. There’ve even a small wooden lookout platform that provides sweeping views of Earl Rowe and the surrounding area.

(4) Rainbow Run Trail (11km loop, rated moderate) encompasses the entire trail system. The path loops through the the different habitats in the park and features a number of great views of Earl Rowe Lake along the way.

A more detailed description of the hike can be found here

(5) Resource Trail (1.5km loop, rated easy). You know it’s going to be a good time when the description of the trail recommends bug repellent. The trail features a number of interpretive signs that provide interesting fun facts about the various plans and animals found in Earl Rowe Provincial Park. The path passes through several habitats adjacent to the Boyne River, including wetland and hardwood forest.

Other Activities and Attractions

In addition to hiking, Earl Rowe offers a variety of other activities and attractions including:

  • Two sandy beaches at East Beach and West Beach. The water quality is tested regularly and is often closed for swimming during the summer.
  • A one-acre swimming pool.
  • Fishing is allowed in the river below the dam and in the lake.
  • Canoeing and kayaking.


There are two main campgrounds in Earl Rowe: Westside Campground and Riverside Campground, both of which contain four smaller clusters of camping areas. Westside Campground is open only during peak season from June to September and can accommodate campers with tents to large RVs. Riverside Campground on the other hand is open for the entire operating season from May to October and also provides options to accommodate various types and sizes of equipment. Given its close proximity to Toronto, we have never camped here (and probably never will).