Verona is located in northern Italy along the Adige River. It is famously known for being the setting of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. It is often referred to as Little Rome as it was once a Roman colony and contains many ancient Roman relics and ruins, including an amphitheater, which now hosts an opera festival every summer.


Venice is located in northern Italy and is commonly referred to as the floating city, the city of canals and the city of water. It was built on 117 small islands in the Adriatic Sea and is connected by 150 canals and 391 bridges. Instead of cars and bikes, there are only pedestrians, small boats and gondolas. In addition to its waterways and beautiful bridges, Venice is also famous for its architecture and art.


Siena is a charming medieval city located in the hilly countryside of central Tuscany. It’s surrounded by an ancient wall and features a maze of narrow cobblestone streets and historic squares. It is best known for its stunning architecture, medieval art, delicious cuisine and for hosting the Palio horse race twice a year.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a charming town located on a hilltop in the Tuscany countryside. It is known as the Town of Fine Towers. During medieval times, seventy two tower-houses were built by rich families to showcase their wealth. Today, only fourteen remain. Encircled by an ancient wall, San Gimignano also contains other medieval architecture and provides sweeping views of the surrounding area.


Bologna is located in northern Italy and has several nicknames associated with some of the key features of the city. The most common of which are: la Dotta (“the learned one”, since Bologna has the oldest university in the world), la Rossa (“the red one”, in reference to the red tiled rooftops in the historical centre) and la Grassa (“the fat one”, because of all the delicious Italian cuisine).


Florence is located in central Italy and is the capital city of the Tuscany region. It is regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance and became a major artistic, cultural, political and economic centre in Europe. Florence is home to some of the best art and architecture in the world and contains many museums and art galleries to highlight its history.