Length of stay: 1 dayVisited: September 2023 Skagway is situated in southeastern Alaska along the Pacific coast. It served as an important port during the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s where many prospectors started their journey, taking the route along the Chilkoot or White Pass to reach Dawson City in the Yukon. Today … Continue reading Skagway


Length of stay: 1 dayVisited: September 2023 Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon and is the largest city in northern Canada. It’s located along the Yukon River and is surrounded by pristine wilderness. It has a rich history in mining and played a key role in the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1890s. … Continue reading Whitehorse

Kluane National Park and Reserve

Kluane National Park and Reserve is located within the Saint Elias Mountains in southwestern Yukon. It is home to the largest non-polar icefields in the world, contains some of the tallest mountains in Canada and features an abundance of wildlife. It offers a variety of hiking trails, a few different options for camping and other opportunities to explore the park’s rugged interior.

Alaska Highway – Dawson Creek to Haines Junction

The Alaska Highway was constructed in 1942 to connect the contiguous United States with Alaska to provide defence support during World War II. It was initially 2,700km in length, but has been improved and paved over the years and currently stretches 2,232km. The highway starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. It is considered one of the most scenic drives in North America and provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the wilderness and wildlife.

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Georgian Bay Islands National Park is located in the largest freshwater archipelago in the world and is the smallest national park in Canada. It contains 63 islands that are scattered around the southeastern part of Georgian Bay. The largest of the islands is Beausoleil Island, which was protected for its rich ecological diversity. The southern end of the island contains dense deciduous forests while the northern end features rugged granite outcrops of the Canadian Shield.

Algonquin – Grand Lake to Squirrel Rapids

Algonquin is considered the crown jewel of Ontario’s provincial park system. It is one of the largest parks in the province and contains hundreds of interconnecting lakes, ponds and rivers, creating endless opportunities to explore the backcountry by canoe. Every summer we plan a different route into the interior. This year we decided to explore the eastern section of the park through Barron Canyon, which is reputed to offer the most scenic paddling in Algonquin.