The Cabin – July 2020

With another heat warning on the forecast for the weekend, we decided to drive up north to the cabin and spend some time around the water. We somehow managed to convince my younger sister and her husband to come up with us even though the cabin has no running water and electricity.

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park

Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park is located among the 30,000 Islands in Georgian Bay. While it is not a large provincial park, there are 81 campsites and 4 cottages available for rent, it features a natural sandy beach and has a boat launch for canoeing and boating. Apparently it is an excellent area for fishing.

Hike #31: Twin Bridges Trail

In the late 1800s to 1930s the area around Chutes Provincial Park was used for logging. In the winter, trees were toppled, cut into sections and dragged from the forest and placed onto the ice-covered river. In the spring, when the ice and snow started to melt and raise the water levels, the pine logs floated down the Aux Sables River to the mouth of the Spanish River. To reduce the risk of logs jamming up the river, special chutes were built around difficult sections.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the largest provincial parks in Ontario. It is nestled along the eastern coast of Lake Superior and spans between Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa. It features lush forests, rocky overcrops, cliffs, lakes, ponds, waterfalls and beautiful sandy beaches.

Hike #30: Trapper’s Trail

Hiking is not always about the distance, but sometimes the views along the way. While many trails in Lake Superior Provincial Park feature sweeping views of the lake and its rugged coastline, Trapper’s Trail (1.5km, rated easy) is reputed to provide a different type of view – of the wildlife. Spoiler alert: it lived up its reputation.

Neys Provincial Park

Neys Provincial Park is located on the northern shore of Lake Superior. Its rocky shores are home to many subarctic plants because of the cold and rough water of the lake. Despite the frigid water, the park features a gorgeous sandy beach. There are also a number of hiking trails that weave their way across different landscapes in the park, including ancient dunes, dense forests, pebble beaches, and rocky overcrops. These rugged landscapes of Neys provided much inspiration to the Group of Seven painters, most notably Lawren Harris’ and his most famous piece, Pic Island.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Jutting out along the Sibley Peninsula, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is reputed to offer some of the best views overlooking the sparkling blue waters of Lake Superior and wildlife in northern Ontario. The park gets its name from a great land formation that when viewed from Thunder Bay, resembles a giant lying on its back. With over 100km of hiking trails, there are plenty of opportunities to see all the (non-sleepy) natural wonders in Sleeping Giant.